Plenary Sessions

Plenary session by Prof Kerry Sieh
I have learnt that usually separate layers means that different amount and time the tsunamis have hit the island. Some places and islands have 10,000 or even 20,000 years of tsunami history. Some islands like the Nias island will rise after the earthquake. The Nias island sank before 28 March 2005 but however, it rose up 2.5 meters after the earthquake occurred. Prof. Kerry also used GPS to measure tectonic information and he used ancient corals and the SuGAr to make forecasts. Indo-Australian plate subduct under the Sunda plate. It subducts 7cm per year.
IT for Animation by Prof Seah Hock Soon
I have learnt that for every second an animation needs 24/25 frames. Animation also needs a story behind it, meaning it is like a story telling but in cartoon. Different types of animation is stop motion, 2D Animation Production Pipeline, 3D Animated Film and etc. The first 2D animation movie is Lion King. The movie was mostly done by hand and it costed $45million. The first 3D movie was Toy Story done by Pixar and it costed $30million. The cost is lesser because 2D animation needs more workforce - labour intensive. Motion capture consists of computer graphics, data processing, computer vision, robotics and image processing. 
Innovative breakthroughs in Nano-Science and Nano Technology by Prof Ma Jan
There are many diferent types of technology. One of the four main technology are nano technology, bio technology, electronic technology and defence technology. Nano technology can be used to clean water. Forensic also uses nano technology such as the white light illumination and the UV illumination.

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